Matt Groves has, in the space of 24 hours, broken his personal best 3 TIMES.
Before Matt came to Le Monument his personal best was 27lb caught in France several years ago. On Monday he hit into a 29.10lb mirror which beat his best by 2.10lb… then by 13:00 on Tuesday his rod screamed off which brought a 32.12lb to the bank – again beating his PB by another 3lb.
Matt was over the moon as now he was in the 30 and overs club.
Well his smile was still beaming when his next rod roared off, 10 minutes after he just put the 30 back.  This time he landed the new lake record of 48.4lb!!
He smashed his PB by yet another 16lb & all in the space of 24 hours!
Needless to say his grin stretched all the way around his head and back again!
Top angling Matt!