The platform double swim
Once again major work at the top end of the Vaux continued throughout the winter of 2011/12.
We removed (we hope!) the last of the old tree stumps and tops of trees which had been blown into the lake many years ago.
In addition, some 45 small trees were removed from the area, some growing in the water and the others along the bank.  The top was dug out again to further extend this area of the lake.
Fishing Holiday at Vaux
First double swim as it is now
The shrubs along the fishing bank were all cut right back to allow anglers more access to the water; one large shrub has been completely removed from the first double swim giving the swim all round access to the lake, a true double swim.
The platform and all other decking were covered with non-slip materials and the remaining paths with geotextile.
Lastly, carp are now prevented from swimming beneath the large platform.
Hard work… but worth it!
Fishing Holiday at Vaux