38lb carp from French lake Vaux
Dale, 38lb 8oz … his 2nd PB
After their excellent first night at Vaux on 1st September, the Badcock party ended a fine week’s fishing by landing 29 carp between them, all three with personal bests.
By the Monday afternoon they had had 11 carp between them, including a second PB for Dale at 38lb 8oz, but they had lost five, although not through cut offs.  So there followed a quick change of leads, hook lengths and changing from tubing to leaders for all of them, which lead to Alan becoming top rod on Tuesday with his third PB of 39lb 10oz caught that evening, having already produced his second PB of a 27lb 12oz that same morning.
Chas was invited to fish with them and in a 24hr stint, he landed a further four carp, three thirties and a 25lb+,  taking the week’s total to 33 which included nine thirties.
Fishing Holiday at Vaux