French carping at Joy Lake
If you’ve not seen the Nash Carp Cradle, it’s basically an un-hooking mat raised off the ground which ensures the carp don’t ever come into contact with the ground as they can’t slide off (no matter how much they flap around!).
From watching visiting anglers who already had these, the carp also seem to behave themselves better with this type of unhooking equipment, and this obviously means less chance of a fish getting damaged/injured.
We decided to include the weigh-slings (which un-zip either end) so that we are providing a complete ‘fish-care’ equipment package – we pride ourselves on the condition of our carp and want to look after them, keeping them in tip-top condition (and already insist on the compulsory use of antiseptic mouth treatment on all fish as part of our lake rules). We believe the financial out-lay for this equipment is well worth the extra safety this gives the fish.
The cradles and slings will be made available to all visiting anglers FREE OF CHARGE, which means;
-          More space in the car (those beanie mats can take up a lot of room!)
-          Two less smelly items of tackle for the journey home!
-          Two expensive items of tackle you don’t now need to buy if you don’t already possess them, or were going to upgrade them for your holiday.
The only condition we will impose is that any damage through neglect will be chargeable @ £50 for the cradle and £20 for the slings.