Carp fishing in France
47lb 5oz carp caught in March this year 
My last visit to the Brittany’s, Monument Lake was back in March this year, when I saw out the throes of winter. The trees bore no foliage and the water was as cold as ice and yet I still managed to winkle out a few carp to 47lb 5oz. My departure from the lake saw the coming of spring, and the arrival of a fishing colleague of mine, Pat Gillet.
Pat took full advantage of the opportunity of a warm spell by catching over 20 carp in that spring week.
Carp Fishing in FranceCarp Fishing in France
Pat with a couple of his many carp caught the week after my departure
It is now the end of September and I have taken the opportunity for a revisit to Monument Lake.
With my friend and fishing colleague, Paul Brooks, I arrived at the lake around midday on the Saturday. Now having done all my homework on the 1st visit to the lake, I was fully aware of the depths and lake bed makeup, however I still needed to lead to investigate the presence of weed in the lake. The weed was very brittle and broke away as soon as the lead was pulled through it and was only present in the shallower parts of the lake leaving the deeper water weed free.
Paul settled onto the orchard swim which has deep water right in front of it and was clear of weed through out the swim and I settled on the more weedy area of the pads swim.
The weed in front of me was patchy right the way across to within a rod length of the island, so some accurate casting was called for.
I selected 3 areas to fish within a yard off the margins of the island which gave me depths of around 4 feet.
Paul again selected areas off the island margin, but at the side of some obvious fishy looking snags.