Monday, 17 June 2013

One Day and Three Record Commons

The fishing has well and truly warmed up along with the weather at both Laroussi and Old Oaks. The 3 biggest resident commons at the lakes have been caught… and all in the same day!
The ‘Long Common’ at 59lb and the ‘Pizza Common’ at 52lb in Old Oaks and a 50lb 2oz in Laroussi. Will be interesting to see all of them progress over the next few years!
The Long Common at Laroussi Carp Lake
The ‘Long Common’ – Peter
The Pizza Common at Laroussi Carp Fishing in France
The ‘Pizza Common’ – Andy
Laroussi and Old Oaks are both owned by Mehdi Daho, a highly respected carp angler in his own right, and are situated in the heart of the beautiful Pays de la Loire countryside.
For more information on the two venues follow the link - Carp France

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